My Lash Elevate Experience + Before and After Pictures

I was first introduced to the “Lash Elevate” treatment when watching famous Australian YouTuber Chloe Morello.  After seeing her results I knew I had to give it a try! Basically this treatment defines and lifts your lashes so that they sit upwards towards the brow line in order to open up your eyes. This treatmentContinue reading “My Lash Elevate Experience + Before and After Pictures”

Rimmel “wake me up” concealer review 

Hey darlings!  I hope you have all had an amazing week 💖 Today I am going to review Rimell “wake me up” concelear. I picked this concelear up last week at Pricelines 50% off Rimmel sale, I ended up only paying around $7-8! The product claims its a full coverage concelear that visibly reawakens andContinue reading “Rimmel “wake me up” concealer review “

ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set Review

Hi Lovely people, Today I am here to review the ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury brush set. If you follow me on my  Instagram you would have seen I received this amazing brush set recently and I have been testing the brushes out every day since then. And my god I am in love with them, they areContinue reading “ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set Review”

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette review! ☺️ 

Sooo….  I FINALLY got my hands on the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette!  I cannot contain my excitment! My amazing boyfriend surprised me and purchased it for me (I have a keeper hey?).    The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette is very well known in the beauty world and if you haven’t heard of it…Continue reading “Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette review! ☺️ “