Sunday fun day- meet Simon ☺️ 

Hey hey! ☺️  Everybody meet my boyfriend Simon! I have been with him for nearly 3 years, we live together and have Ceasar who you all meet last week.  He is honestly my rock and I don’t know what I would do without him.  He is super supportive of me and even takes some ofContinue reading “Sunday fun day- meet Simon ☺️ “

Let’s get personal! Introducing Ceasar ☺️

Hey hey!  I hope everyone has had a good weekend ❤️  Today I have decided to do a more personal post .. I am introducing you to a big part of my life, my dog Ceasar! 🐶    Ceasar is 2 in April,  Simon and myself have had him since he was 8 weeksContinue reading “Let’s get personal! Introducing Ceasar ☺️”