My go to special occasion eye makeup 

Hi everyone! 

I am back with another makeup post, today I will be writing about my go to special occasion eye makeup. This is the look I will always create when I am unsure what look to go for but I want to look glam.  It’s quick and also easy to do! 

It’s a basic smoked out wing with some glam lashes. 

I always do my eyes first when doing this look as I will be using black eyeshadow and don’t want any fall out on my foundation.  I prime my eyes with Mac paint pot in “Painterlilly” and set this with translucent powder. This sets up a flawless base and pro longs the wear of the eyeshadow.  To get the sharp wing I use the trick of sticky tape! This is the best hack for makeup I think haha. I cut a small piece of tape and place it on the outer corners of my eyes pointing towards the end of my eyebrows to give me a straight and sharp line. 

As mentioned earlier this look is very simple I only use four eyeshadow colours all from Makeup Geek. I firstly take “Peach Smoothie” and I blend this all through my crease. After this I take “Cocoa Bear” on a smaller blending brush and focus this more on the outer corner of my eye but still blending slightly into the crease. It is then time for the black eyeshadow I use a small precision brush and place the colour “Corrupt” directly on the outer corner creating a wing. I start to blend the black with “Cocoa Bear” to give the smoked out look. I will go in again with “Corrupt” on an angled brush now and draw a more precise wing along the line of the sticky tape. I finish off the blending process by taking “peach smoothie” through the crease one more time to make sure it’s all seamless. The last eyeshadow I use is “Shimmer Shimmer” as a brow bone and inner corner highlight.  I then pull off the tape and have the perfect smoked out wing! 

As I will be wearing false lashes I do a small line of eyeliner on my upper lash line to hide the band. I use Mayebelline Hyper Sharp Wing Eyeliner for this as it has a small felt tip and is super easy to apply.  The eyelashes I am wearing on this particular occasion are MODELROCK #236 but I will wear any lashes from MODELROCK my favourites are : #236, #212 & #259.  

To balance out the look I will apply some eyeshadow to the lower lash line. I start by putting “Corrupt” into my water line as this will make your eyes pop! I smoke this out with “Cocoa Bear” on a small definer brush and keep this really close to the lash line. Lastly I use “Peach Smoothie” on a large blending brush and blend both the colours. To finish of the look I will apply a couple of layers of black mascara to the lower lashes, I pack this on quite heavy! I used BenefitThey’re Real”. That is the eye look completed! 

As I have done this on many occasions now it only usually takes me around 10 minutes and I think it looks amazing and makes my blue eyes standout. It also suits any lip colour as the colours are all very neutral, in the pictures I am wearing “Snob” by Mac

Product Breakdown 

Mac Paintpot “Painterlilly” – $35.00

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows (Peach Smoothie, Cocoa Bear, Corrupt, Shimmer Shimmer) – $6.00 each 

Maybelline Hypersharp Wing Eyeliner – $17.95

MODELROCK Lashes – $6.95

Benefit They’re Real Mascara – $42.00

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My Everyday 15 Makeup Routine – Spring Edition 

All Products Used

Hi everyone! Long time no talk, I have missed posting on here so much and as today is a public holiday here in Launceston I thought I would take advantage of it and write a well overdue blog post.  Today I am writing about my updated every day 15 minute makeup routine!  I personally don’t have much time in the morning to apply my makeup before work so all the products I use are quick to apply and versatile. I also go for long wearing products as I am at work from 8am-5:30pm.

After I have applied all my skin care I go straight in with my foundation – Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless. This is honesty my HG foundation, it looks amazing on th skin, keeping it looking as natural as possible while having a full coverage. I apply this with my Chi Chi Cosmetics blending sponge. I find this is the quickest and best way to apply my foundation and to be honest I never apply my foundation with anything other than this sponge.  

I then do my brows while the foundation dries and sinks into the skin.  I use Poni Cosmetics Brow Brush and a powder from Booki Brow. I don’t need to do much to my brows as I get them threaded and tinted regularly. I usually only spend 1-2 minutes on my brows!  I go back to my skin and start bronzing myself up to look sun kissed and healthy. I use Too Faced Chocolate Soilel in Medium-Dark. This is a smooth bronzer which blends out very quickly! I also use this bronzer for eyeshadow and blend it through my crease with a large fluffy brush, this literally only takes a minute and makes a world of difference to my overall makeup look! I then grab whatever mascara I am loving and at the moment I am using Poni Cosmetics – White Knight Mascara. This is a great mascara as it has the two wands, one for length and one for volume. I apply a layer of each on both eyes and I apply this generously! I cannot live without mascara it opens your eyes up so much and makes you look more awake. 

Final Look- Close up brows and eyes

To finish off the skin I use some highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones and also down the bridge of my nose.  I use Moonstone by Becca and I find this gives you a nice glow without being too over the top for everyday wear.  I finish the whole look by spraying my face with a setting spray from Maybelline – Master Fix. This settles any powder I have applied and melts it into my skin to look more natural and also sets my face for the whole day.  

And voila … That is my everyday look complete!  On my lips I’ll just use whatever lip balm I have on me or a butter gloss from NYX in either Creme Bruleè or Eclair.  A little tip from me – If you need to touch up throughout the day  just use the beauty sponge you applied your foundation with. This soaks up any oils and it will have some foundation on it still so it will fix the coverage without caking your skin. 

Final Look

I hope you have enjoyed this post and stay tuned as I will be posting a lot more! I also have some exciting news which I will talk to you all about soon. 

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Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette review! ☺️ 

Sooo….  I FINALLY got my hands on the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette!  I cannot contain my excitment! My amazing boyfriend surprised me and purchased it for me (I have a keeper hey?). 


The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette is very well known in the beauty world and if you haven’t heard of it… well you must be living under a rock haha.  What makes this product so popular I believe is the fact it smells like chocolate. The eye shadows are made with real cocoa powder. It is amazing and makes applying makeup even more enjoyable! 

 The palette has 16 very versatile and wearable colors, there are mattes, shimmers, glitters and satin finishes.You would easily be able to use this palette to create an every day subtle eye look, a dramatic clubbing look and anything in between.



The pigmentation is perfect, it’s not too pigmented that you cant work with it and its defiantly build-able making it easy to use for beginners. Most of the colors glide on like butter, they are so creamy and blend so easily!  Also I am impressed by the fact they have made the two highlight shades larger as they are used consistently for most, if not all looks and I know for myself they always hit pan first. Here is a quick look I created using the palette; 

 Base: White chocolate 

Crease: Salted caramel and milk chocolate

Outer V: Milk chocolate and gilded ganache

First third of lid: Marzipan 

Brow bone highlight: White chocolate 

Inner corner highlight: Champagne truffle

This eye shadow palette in my thoughts is pretty much a beauty staple and a must have in everyone’s collection. If you have been holding out on getting it, I wouldn’t wait any longer!  Defiantly equally my favorite eye shadow palette with my Lorac Pro Palette. 

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Autumn/fall inspired makeup 🍂🍁💄 

Hey babes!

Today I’m here with an Autumn/fall inspired makeup look. As it’s now Autumn here in Australia it seemed fitting ☺️

I had a rough idea of what I was going for but I mainly just winged it (not pun intended 😂) and played around with a few products.

I was pleasently surprised with the final look as I don’t normally opt for darker lips but I now think I might play around with darker shades more often!


Here are the products I used!

Primer/Foundation: I primed my face with Models Prefer liquid light primer and I went for a full coverage foundation and used the Loreal Infallible 24hour foundation.

Concelear: I used Maybelline dream lumi concealer to conceal under my eyes and highlight my face, I set this with Rimmel silky loose translucent powder.

Bronzer/blush: I used Chi Chi cosmetics mosaic bronzer to warm my face on the cheeks, temples and lower jawline. Maybelline medium nude blush was used for a natural flush of colour on the cheeks.

Contour/highlight: Both products I used were by The Balm. I used bahama mama to contour my cheeks and nose and used Mary-Lou manizer to highlight the tops of my cheeks, down my nose and cupids bow.

Eyes:  I used the Lorac Pro Pallete for the entire eye look.  Taupe was used in the crease and then sable to deepen the crease and darken the outer v. I then ran garnet trough the crease to warm it up. I used gold on the base of my lids and finished with white and nude to highlight my inner corner and eyebrow bone.   To do the winged liner I used Maybelline eye studio eyeliner and then finished the eyes with Rimmel extra 3D lash mascara.

Lips: On the lips I used one of my Nans lipsticks,  Estée Lauder chocolate plum.

To finish the look I set my face with Mac studio fix+ 😘

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Australis contouring and highlighting kit – first impression! 

Hey babes! ❤️

I was super stoked to try out the Australis ac on tour contouring and highlighting kit.

And…. Finally this weekend I did!

Firstly I think it looks great! Especially considering the price, I picked it up for $13.95 at my local Priceline pharmacy  (bargain).

Pigmentation is amazing for such a cheap product you only need to use the smallest amount when applying. Although the product is a little chalky and can be difficult to blend (especially the darker shades) .

You really need to be light handed when applying this – because it can quickly give you a muddy/dirty contour.

Overall I would rate this product a 5/10. A great product and extremely affordable but to be honest it did let me down a little (only because I had high expectations).

If you have tried this product let me know your thoughts and if you are planning on trying it let me know how you go!

Talk soon ❤️