The must have contouring and highlighting product for all beginners!

New to contouring and not 100% sure how it is done? Well fear no more… As Designer Brands have released a super affordable, easy to use and versatile contouring kit.

Shades L-R ; Banana (highlighting), Dark Brown (contouring) , Shimmer (illuminating)

Costing only $9.99 and containing 3 colours it is ideal for anyone from beginner to expert. It also comes with instructions on the back!

I will talk to you step by step about how to use this palette and how to contour and highlight in general;

Banana highlighting Shade – Set under eye concealer to brighten your complexion. Also apply to the forehead, bridge of nose and brown bone.

Dark Brown Contouring Shade – To add dimension to your face – You apply this to where you naturally would have shadows and to where you want to slim down your features.  Under your cheek bones, down the sides of your nose, to your temples and under your chin.  please note you do not have to contour all these places, just where ever you desire!

Illuminating shade –  You use this shade to illuminate your face and bring a glow to it. Apply it on the tops of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and your cupids bow.  I also apply it very sparingly to my chin and also my forehead but that is personal preference.

Now you know how to use it I will talk to you a little more about the quality of the product. The shadows aren’t extremely pigmented which is what I like when contouring as you can always add more makeup but it is very difficult to take it away once applied without ruining the whole face of makeup. The shades are very build able though which is great!

The banana shade does an excellent job at brightening under my eyes and setting my concelar all day without creasing – So a huge plus there!  The texture of the powder is also very nice and settles on the skin looking natural.

The contouring shade is a great universal shade which is perfect for chiselling out your cheekbones.  It is quite a creamy, velvety powder!

The illuminating shade is a beautiful shimmery highlight – It isn’t as pigmented as I like my illuminators but it can defiantly be built up. I need to apply it around 2-3 times to get my desired look. The powder is fine texture and isn’t too chunky as you get with some highlighting powders.

I would 100% recommend you purchase this product as like I mentioned before it is only $9.99 and does an amazing job!!  Even better than some of my high ends products I have used.  It is a small and compact kit which is easy to take with you in a makeup bag when travelling, it also has a large mirror in it which I love!

This little beauty has earned its self a place in my freelancing kit, that is how much I am impressed by it.

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Rimmel lasting finish 25 Hour Foundation review!

Hey babes!

Today I will be reviewing for you Rimmel London lasting finish 25 Hour Foundation with comfort serum. 


  The foundation claims:

-Instant perfect coverage that feels extra comfortable and lasts all day

– Blends flawlessly, seamlessly, instantly and easily into the skin

– Sweat, heat, humidity and transfer proof for up to 25 hours

I have been trying this foundation now for over a weak so I could test out all of these claims and give you the best possible review of the foundation.  I purchased the foundation from my local Woolworths when they had there 1/2 price sale on all Rimmel London products, I ended up paying around $9 (bargain).

I applied the foundation with my Real Techniques buffing brush and my Chi Chi Cosmetics Make-Up blending sponge and both of them apply the foundation effortless and perfectly. They are right when they say the foundation blends flawlessly, seamlessly, instantly and easily into the skin! The foundation is full coverage so I prefer using the foundation sponge as it gives you a more natural and glowing look, but you get a better coverage using the buffing brush so it is personal preference which tool you use.

It claims it will last 25 hours but lets be honest who will be wearing foundation for 25 hours?!  Not me that’s for sure!! I apply my foundation for work at 7.30am in the morning and don’t shower and take it off until at least 7.30pm at night.  So I need a foundation that will last at least 12 hours….     I have to touch up this foundation up around lunchtime with a bit of powder just around my nose as it goes a little oily but I get that with most foundations. Apart from that when I get home from work the foundation is still looking flawless and hasn’t gone patchy, or slipped of my face. (I have normal-oily skin by the way) so I am incredibly impressed.

I went for a long walk to test if it its sweat proof and sadly it did move a little on my forehead nothing too noticeable though.. but everywhere else still looked perfect! The foundation does transfer a little as well.  I was unable to test if it was humidity proof because I live in Tasmania and it has been frezzing!! 😛

Overall I am extremely impressed with this foundation… It is defiantly in my top 3 favorite foundations! It is extremely affordable, gives amazing coverage while still looking natural and healthy.  The lasting power defiantly impressed me as well. I would recommend this foundation!

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My favourite wardrobe staple! 

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Happy long weekend everyone! 🌟 


Today I’m going to talk about my favourite wardrobe staple,  black jeans.  You seriously can NEVER have too many pairs of black jeans and they go with everything. You can dress them up and dress them down. My favourite pair of black jeans at the moment are the Santiago Jean from Factorie.  They are the comfiest jeans ever, you can literally move around and do anything in these jeans. They are almost like jeggings but with better quality denim material.  They RRP $39.95 so extremely affordable, defiantly check them out! ☺️ 

Top – Cotton On

Jeans – Factorie

Heels – Billini 

Handbag – Sports girl 

Necklace- Lovisa 

T Shirt- Cotton On 

Jeans - Factorie

Boots – Cotton On 

Handbag – Rubi Shoes 

That’s just a couple ways I like to style my black jeans – but like I mentioned before they literally go with everything!  

I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you all a happy Easter 💖 

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BYS Nude 2 palette review!

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The other day I was waiting for my bus and I wandered into a small cosmetic store “just for a look” 😉 haha and I found the BYS Nude 2 palette …

My first thought was wow that looks so similar to the Urban Decay naked 2 palette!  I don’t own any urban decay naked palettes but I have seen them online a lot! I am unable to compare the two palettes for this reason.

This palette was only $14.95 such a bargain considering it looks amazing and has a great range of colors, 4 matte and 8 shimmer shades.

Guest List, Morning, Selfie, Flirt, VIP, Photo Op, Shots, Smoke Machine, D Floor, Pick up, Heels Off and Midnight. 

The pigmentation is insane for such a cheap product-  although the two lighter shades are a little chalky they still look good on! The rest of the colors are creamy and blend so easily, I had a little fall out when applying so I would recommend doing your eyes first!  The longevity of the eye shadows is pretty standard I would say, it did last me all day but towards the end the colors had a less pigmented look and looked a bit washed out if that makes sense haha.  I would recommend using an eyes shadow primer.

I would rate this product 7/10   –  The shadows are good quality for the price and if all you want is a no fuss neutrals palette with a lot of shimmery shades then the BYS palette will easily do the job and not brake the bank.

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Australis contouring and highlighting kit – first impression! 

Hey babes! ❤️

I was super stoked to try out the Australis ac on tour contouring and highlighting kit.

And…. Finally this weekend I did!

Firstly I think it looks great! Especially considering the price, I picked it up for $13.95 at my local Priceline pharmacy  (bargain).

Pigmentation is amazing for such a cheap product you only need to use the smallest amount when applying. Although the product is a little chalky and can be difficult to blend (especially the darker shades) .

You really need to be light handed when applying this – because it can quickly give you a muddy/dirty contour.

Overall I would rate this product a 5/10. A great product and extremely affordable but to be honest it did let me down a little (only because I had high expectations).

If you have tried this product let me know your thoughts and if you are planning on trying it let me know how you go!

Talk soon ❤️