Maybelline Colour Tattoo Pure Pigments Review + Swatches

Maybelline are probably my favourite “Drug Store” brand, they have top quality products for an affordable amount!   Today I am reviewing their Colour Tattoo Pure Pigments; I know they have been out for a very longtime but I only just picked them up! 

I picked up the colours: Breaking Bronze, Barley Brazen and Buff & Tuff. I only paid around $5 each for them, such a bargain. Seeings as these were the first eyeshadow pigments to be added to my makeup collection I went for very wearable colours, I am a sucker for bronze and nude colours!  They have 1.5G of product, which will last you a very long time as you don’t need to apply much of the product as the colour pay off is amazing.

To apply the pigments you can use your finger or a flat shader brush; you can also apply wet for a more pigmented metallic look, perfect for a special occasion.  Maybelline claim these eyeshadow pigments last up to 24hrs; Crazy!  I can confidently say they lasted for over 12 hours on myself without being touched up and without using a primer. So huge plus for longevity 🙂

I swatched the colours both dry and wet to show you the comparison.

Breaking Bronze LEFT: Applied wet with Mac Fix+  RIGHT: Applied with finger

Breaking Bronze is my favourite and you can see why! The colour payoff is unreal both dry and wet, its my new holy grail bronze eyeshadow. Definitely recommend picking this one up.

Barley Brazen LEFT: Applied wet with Mac Fix+ RIGHT: Applied with finger

Barley Brazen isn’t as pigmented when applied dry but is good for everyday wear. When applied wet the colour is completely changed, it turns into a dark taupe with gold reflects.

Buff & Tuff LEFT; Applied wet with Mac Fix+ RIGHT: Applied with finger

Buff & Tuff is so pretty!  A perfect pinky/gold champange colour, I wear this one the most out of all of the colours as its very versatile and perfect for work.

I can’t believe the quality of these pigments for the price, the texture is so creamy and they apply very evenly and can be built up for a more dramatic look.  As you can see from my swatches they are very shimmery, perfect for everyday wear and also perfect for more of a glam look.

I definitely recommend checking out these products; They are budget friendly and are top quality.  I will be investing in some more for my collection!

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Becca Cosmetics + Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Review

I am back with yet another highlighter review…  What can I say, my obsession just keeps growing.   If you are also obsessed with highlighter than you are most definitely reading the right blog hehe, make sure to subscribe!

Anyway into my review!  As you can tell by the heading I will be reviewing Becca Cosmetics and Jaclyn Hills Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed (highlighter).  Jaclyn collaborated with Becca Cosmetics a few months back to create Champagne Pop.  For all of you who don’t know Jaclyn Hill; 1. What are you doing with your lives?! and 2. She is a globally known youtube beauty guru who is amazing! You need to check her out 🙂

The highlighter comes in a compact case with a mirror on the inside (perfect for applying highlighter on the go), the packaging is the same as all of Becca Cosmetics shimmering Skin Perfector. As the name describes it is a champagne colour and it also has hints of gold, with a warm undertone and frosted sheen.

The highlighter is a creamy, buttery, smooth powder and applies like a dream. The colour pay off is incredible, you only need the tiniest amount and your highlighter is popin’! It’s not a highlighter for those who like their highlight subtle, as it is very bright and reflective unless you use a very light hand.  Becca Cosmetics describes the formula of highlighter as being enriched with ultrafine luminescent pearls that absorb, reflect, and refract light so your natural radiance is never lost and I 100% agree.

This is one application of the highlighter and and I am in love with the result, It makes your skin glow.

You can purchase Champagne Pop from Sephora Aus and it RRP $60. I know it is a little expensive but I promise you it is worth the price. This highlighter definitely takes the highlighting game to a whole new level… I can not get enough of this product!  I am about to purchase more of the Becca Cosmetics highlighters because I am that impressed with the quality and application of the product.
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NARS Steven Klein One Shocking Moment Cheek Studio Palette Review!

Nars Cosmetics recently collaborated with Steven Klein and brought out a range of limited edition products, one of them being the One Shocking  Moment Studio Cheek Palette.

As soon as I seen this palette I knew I needed it in my collection!  Nars bronzers are highly raved about and the blushes looked absolutely stunning. Nars describe this product as a palette which encases seven shades to add depth, dimension and a pretty flush of colour to the face.

The palette is packed in a very sturdy case with a trendy cover and also a full size mirror on the inside which I am a huge fan of! Definitely feels and looks like a high quality product. 

The palette includes; Paloma contour kit, Laguna bronzing powder, 2 limited edition blushes in Robotic and Blashphemy, and Luster and Dolce Vita blush.

TOP L-R: Paloma Highlight, Paloma Contour, Laguna Bronzer. BOTTOM L-R: Robotic, Blashphemy, Luster, Dolce Vita.

All of the products are highly pigmented and have a great colour payoff! The Paloma contour kit works well on all skin tones and has been heavily used in my freelance MUA kit recently but make sure you apply the contour shade with a light hand and blend well! The highlight shade is matte and can be used to sharpen your contour or to set your under eye concealer. The Laguna bronzer is amazing, so blendable and the colour is very build-able as well. You are able to go for a more natural light bronzed look or a dramatic bronzed looked.  This bronzer also works great on all skin tones!

The blushes all have a slight shimmer in them so they give your skin a nice glow along with a beautiful flush of colour. I am obsessed with the limited edition shades; Robotic and Blashphemy and have been using them regularly. They give you a natural and really pretty flush of colour without being too over the top. Luster is perfect for a more neutral bronzed look as it adds minimal colour, but still gives a glowing youthful appearance.  Dolce Vita blush suits more medium skin tones as its a darker plum blush, I don’t normally reach for colours like this but was pleasantly surprised, it is perfect for a dramatic nigh time look! All the blushes apply like a dream and are so easy to work with. Also you can mix the colours together as well to create a custom blush.

Nars One Shocking Moment Palette RRP:  $100.00 AUD and I purchased mine from MECCA.  I am obsessed with this palette and cant stop using it on myself and all my clients. It is so versatile and worth every dollar, I recommend checking it out.  Perfect for beginners and perfect for MUA’s  🙂

I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you own this palette let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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Benefit Australia, Hobart pre launch party!

I was lucky enough to have been invited to Benefit Australia, Hobart VIP pre launch party on Wednesday at the brand new Myer and got to take along my beauty bestie Sophie, (Ausbeautylover).  I thought I would share my experience!

We were greeted out the front of Myer and was given cute pink Benefit hard hats.  When I first saw the new Benefit counter I felt like a child at Christmas, I was so excited, it looked amazing!  Benefit are renowned for the their cute packaging and their new counter followed along with that theme!  It was adorable 🙂


Myself and Sophie


Benefit beauty table

Once arriving in store we were given Benefit cupcakes, sparkling water and even some Moet chardenay.. (yum)  hehe. We spent around 10-15 minutes meeting all of the amazing Benefit staff and also meeting other beauty bloggers who had been invited!

Benefit cupcakes & Moet


After we all settled down we were seated at their beauty table where we listened to the evolution of Benefit and got to try all of their famous products.  I was in makeup heaven, I especially loved their Hello Flawless Oxygen Foundation, Rockateur Blush, Porefessional Primer and Sun Beam Highlighter!

Benefit has brow bars and beauty counters in 45 countries around the world!! 

After trying all their products and learning more about their brand we were given a free brow shape, wax and tint!  Talk about amazing service 🙂  They only strip wax so it was a lot less painful then normal waxing, if you are in Hobart I definitely recommend stopping in for a touch up and getting them brows fleekish hehe.

I had an absolutely amazing time –  All of Benefits staff were incredible! They made you feel so comfortable and were a lot of fun.   I didn’t want the afternoon to end!

Benefit staff and Benebabes


Benefit were lovely enough to give me a goodie bag at the end of the event, it included;  A Benefit book, makeup bag, full size They’re Real Mascara, full size Porefessional Primer and a cute passport holder!  A huge THANK YOU to Benefit for their generosity and for an amazing event.

Goodie bag !


Thank you so much for reading and I definitely recommend checking out the new Benefit Australia counter if you are ever down Hobart! If you are wanting to try some of their products you are able to purchase online from 🙂

Much love, xxx

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10 minute makeup routine for a busy lifestyle!

Mornings are not a good time for me, I am always rushing around trying to get organised before work and have little to no time to do my makeup…

I know I wouldn’t be the only one in this boat so I thought I would share with you my quick 10 minute makeup routine for all you busy ladies with little time to get ready!

All products used

My biggest tip to reduce the time you spend doing your makeup is to use versatile products, products that can be used for more than one thing.  Trust me it actually saves you a lot of time!

The number one product I recommend and the star of my 10 minute routine is Mineral Powder foundation, this saves you a lot of time as it covers, conceals and doesn’t need setting with any additional product.  I buff it into my moisturized skin and can achieve a natural – full coverage depending on how many layers I do. I normally tend to do one full layer and then a second layer on my checks and nose. When using mineral powder foundation a little goes a long!

I use Mineral X Factor powder foundation and it is an amazing product, it lasts all day without needing a touch up. This product is sold locally at Mint Relax Revive Salon in Launceston and is also sold online at

* If you have dark under eye circles I recommend adding a little concealer first and setting with a translucent powder*

Mineral X Factor – powder foundation

The Second product is a warm bronzer;  I used Too Faced Chocolate Soleil and warm up the perimeter of my face. I apply it on my forehead, temples, cheeks and jawline. Basically you draw a number 3 shape down your face. I also use my bronzer to define my eyes, I run the product through the crease and along the lower lash line. Bronzer is a very versatile product and remember versatile products save you time!

In my opinion every makeup routine should include blush, it adds colour back to your face and is very youthful.  I opt for a shimmery illuminating blush as it adds colour and also a natural sheen to your skin.  I use Bahama Mama from the Balm or Maybelline FitMe blush in “nude”.

I am obsessed with real glowy skin and can’t go a day without being smothered in highlighter!  So of course I need to include Mary-Loumanizer by TheBalm in my 10 minute makeup routine.  Also this product is versatile as it can be used as a brow bone highlight and to highlight the inner corner of your eyes.

As you are all aware eyebrows are all the rage right now, so if you aren’t lucky enough to have naturally full brows you may need to fill them in. I need to fill mine in everyday and I am currently using Chi Chi cosmetics Brow Pomade in “Dark” this product sets in place after it dries and wont move all day.

When choosing my mascara I opt for one which will curl my lashes as well as define and add volume! At the moment I am using Maybelline “Volume Express The Colossal Mascara” and I absolutely love it . You can also line your bottom waterline and make it look like you have applied eyeliner just by gently rubbing your mascara wand on your lash line when applying the mascara!

Lastly for the lips I use a tinted lip gloss. I am currently obsessing over NYX butter glosses!  My favourite shades are “Eclair” and “Madeline”  they smell so good and are perfect for a quick application.

And there you have it… All the products I use in my 10 minute makeup routine!

Look created

This is the final look, natural but still enough to make me look awake and ready to start the day!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading.

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How I clean my makeup brushes. Featuring; Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove

Cleaning your makeup brushes is known to be such a tedious task and I know a lot of you would avoid doing it and putting it of as long as you can!

There are so many reasons why you need to wash your makeup brushes regularly: 

  • Dirty brushes compromise your makeup application.
  • They contain bacteria, oils and dead skin cells that when transferred on our face can cause us breakouts- Eww!
  • Not looking after your brushes will shorten their life span!

You should deep clean your brushes at least once every 2 weeks and spot clean them regularly.

Dirty brushes ready to be washed, L’oreal Mythical Oil shampoo, Models Prefer brush cleaner, unscented soap and Sigma spa express brush cleaning glove.

I wash my brushes with;

  • Warm water
  • Unscented bar of soap
  • Shampoo
  • Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove

If you have any brushes which are difficult to clean as there is a lot of build up use a little bit of olive oil to break down the product first.

I rinse all my brushes under warm water, I very gently rub them on the bar of soap and then on the Sigma cleaning glove until it lathers. I rinse with water and continue a second time if needed. I then squeeze a little shampoo on the Sigma glove and swirl my brush into the product – I do this to make the brushes soft and to clean off anything missed from the soap. I rinse my brushes with warm water again and then leave them to dry overnight.

The SIGMA SPA EXPRESS BRUSH CLEANING GLOVE is new to my brush cleaning routine but I am so happy its in my life! It makes cleaning my brushes a lot quicker and easier. You are able to clean both eyes and face brushes with the glove as it has different textures and its also travel friendly so perfect for mobile MUA’s.

Sigma cleaning glove in action.

When I just want to do a quick spot clean of my brushes I use Models Prefer brush cleaner – This stuff is amazing to spot clean! I just spray some on to my Sigma Cleaning glove or a cotton pad and swirl my brush in the product.  The brushes are cleaned perfectly and dry within minutes ready to use again. The only downside of the product is it does have quite an overwhelming scent.   Costing only $12.99 its is very affordable, I picked mine up from Priceline.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Collection

Hello lovelies!

I am going to share with you my Makeup Geek Eyeshadows (MUG) collection. I have placed two orders of Makeup Geek shadows so far and will definitely be making more orders. I absolutely love MUG eyeshadows they are amazing quality eyeshadows for a reasonably affordable price.  I also love the idea that you are able to build your own palette which means you will love and use all the shadows, so no wastage! 

My collection so far L-R: First Row: Corrupt, Mocha, Bitten, Cocoa Bear, Latte, Creme Brûlée, Glamourous. Second Row:  Drama Queen, Prom Night, Unexpected,  Desert Sand, Peach Smoothie, Vanilla Bean, Shimma Shimma. Third Row: Grandstand, Magic Act, In The Spotlight, Whimsical (all foiled) and Shore Thing.

They cost $6-$10 ($8-$14 AUD) for each pan which in my opinions isn’t too bad for such great products. For all my Aussie readers we are unlucky with the exchange rate at the moment, if the exchange rate was better I would own the whole collection of MUG Shadows!  But they are still worth the extra dollars 🙂

MUG have a great range of neutral eyeshadows and also more bold and bright eyeshadows. I am all about them neutral colours so as you can see by my collection 😉 ha.

I own 15 normal eyeshadows and 4 of the foiled eye shadows. 

All the eyeshadows blend out so easily and have a great colour payoff, you don’t need to use much of the product to get a pigmented look which means the eyeshadows will last longer! They do have little fall out so I would recommend if doing a dramatic eye to do your eyeshadow before your foundation.

Their foiled eyeshadows are insane! The pigmentation is incredible, they look amazing on and photograph well. The shadows are so buttery and have very little if any fallout. I find applying the foiled eyeshadows with your finger gives the best colour payoff. 

TOP: Magic Act, In The Spotlight BOTTOM: Grandstand, Whimsical

Swatches of foiled Eyeshadows L-R: Grandstand, Magic Act, In The Spotlight, Whimsical.

My most reached for eyeshadows from my collection are:

  • Peach Smoothie
  • Creme Brûlée
  • Cocoa Bear
  • Latte
  • Shimma shimma
  • Grandstand (foiled)

MUG eyeshadows can only be purchased directly from Makeup Geek Website:

I hope you have enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading.

Much Love, xxx