My Everyday 15 Makeup Routine – Spring Edition 

Hi everyone! Long time no talk, I have missed posting on here so much and as today is a public holiday here in Launceston I thought I would take advantage of it and write a well overdue blog post.  Today I am writing about my updated every day 15 minute makeup routine!  I personally don’tContinue reading “My Everyday 15 Makeup Routine – Spring Edition “

One of my European loves – Fiat 500X Pop

Working at a car dealership can be so rewarding but at the same time very dangerous… you have so many shiny new temptations around you!  By shiny new temptations yes I am talking about the cars.  I am a sucker for European cars, I think they look sophisticated and are superior to their competitors.  IContinue reading “One of my European loves – Fiat 500X Pop”

Benefit Australia, Hobart pre launch party!

I was lucky enough to have been invited to Benefit Australia, Hobart VIP pre launch party on Wednesday at the brand new Myer and got to take along my beauty bestie Sophie, (Ausbeautylover).  I thought I would share my experience! We were greeted out the front of Myer and was given cute pink Benefit hardContinue reading “Benefit Australia, Hobart pre launch party!”

Sunday fun day- meet Simon ☺️ 

Hey hey! ☺️  Everybody meet my boyfriend Simon! I have been with him for nearly 3 years, we live together and have Ceasar who you all meet last week.  He is honestly my rock and I don’t know what I would do without him.  He is super supportive of me and even takes some ofContinue reading “Sunday fun day- meet Simon ☺️ “

Let’s get personal! Introducing Ceasar ☺️

Hey hey!  I hope everyone has had a good weekend ❤️  Today I have decided to do a more personal post .. I am introducing you to a big part of my life, my dog Ceasar! 🐶    Ceasar is 2 in April,  Simon and myself have had him since he was 8 weeksContinue reading “Let’s get personal! Introducing Ceasar ☺️”