My Lip Injection Experience

Hello lovely people!

After months and months of contemplating getting lip injections I finally put the phobia of needles aside, did some research and made it happen.
Living in Launceston, Tasmania there are not many places you are able to go and get this treatment done so I was looking at going interstate until I found out one of my favourite beauty salons Vogue at The Charles actually had a very professional and experienced Nurse Injector travel down once a month from her salon in Sydney to do non-surgical facial treatments. I was wrapped I could get it done locally! I have been to Vogue on numerous occasions for a few different treatments and I can not fault their quality of service and attention to detail.

I was pretty nervous after arriving at Vogue but after meeting my nurse Francine Ithier  (Owner of Miss Franc) my nerves had calmed a little.  She did a consultation with me and I spoke about what I wanted and what I did and didn’t like. We decided I would go for 1ml of Juverderm and she would even out my lips and give me a more plump look. After this Fran applied a numbing cream to my lips and I sat back and relaxed for around 15 minutes while the cream kicked in!

The whole process of Fran actually doing the injections lasted only around 10 mins.  As mentioned I do have a phobia of needles so I sat there with my eyes closed the whole time she was doing the injections haha. I did take one of my best friends and she held my hand the whole time!  Pain wise, you can still feel the needles its a pinch and a bit of a sting but nothing unbearable, the worst is the first couple of needles on your top lip.  I would recommend not wearing any makeup there as mine was completely ruined by the numbing cream and then by my eyes watering!

First glance in the mirror after the injections, to be completly honest, I wasn’t sure what to think. My lips looked totally different and it was a pretty big change so prepare yourself for that. I wasn’t in pain after they were done they just felt swollen and it was a little uncomfortable to eat and drink at first. The following 3 days I experienced a lot of swelling and bruising. I was able to cover all the bruising with makeup though.


I have attached an image of my lips during the recovery, you will be able to see all the swelling in the top image especially on my top lip this was one day after. The second image was taken the following day you can see the bruising had come out a lot more, mainly on my top lip again. The bottom image was taken 5 days after the treatment with lipstick applied, I still had slight swelling on the top lip.  I would say it took a bit over a week for all the swelling to completely go down and for the lips to settle and let you see the shape.  There was hardly any pain while the lips were recovering,  my lips just felt tight and they were a little dry so I would recommend investing in some pawpaw if you are looking at getting them done.

I am so happy with the results that Fran has achieved with my lips.  I think she had done a great job of evening them out, adding more volume and still maintaining a natural look.  I am interested to see how long the fillers last as the first time they usually go down a lot quicker and need touching up so I will keep you all updated!  I have had a couple friends of mine who have had their lips done by Fran and they all extremely happy with them also, so I would 100% recommend Fran & Vogue.  I have attached links below to both of their websites if you are wanting to do any research or know any more information.

Miss Franc – Website

Vogue Beauty Clinic – Website

Vogue & Miss Franc are lovely enough to offer my followers a discount if they are wanting to book in to get their lips done. All details will be on my Instagram page in the next few days so if you are interested follow me for all the details! 

Lastly below is a before and after image so you can see the difference. You will notice my top lip is a lot more fuller now! 

Thank you so much for reading. 

Much love, xoxo 

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Want that designer look but don’t want to pay the designer price? Well here’s the solution for you! ☺️



If you like are one of those girls who draw inspiration from those pictures of designer labels worn by celebs and models then your not alone. With my love of fashion I am always faced with the dilemma on whether or not the hefty price tag is worth it, especially if it is for a dress that i am only going to be wearing once or twice. Now you could do what I usually do and find a cheaper alternative or ‘copy’ of the design you like but sometimes they just don’t have the same look as an original piece or lack in quality.

There is a solution to this dilemma and it is as simple as hiring that dress/playsuit instead of spending hundreds of dollars! Hiring designer dresses is becoming more and more popular in recent times and it provides us with a simple solution which can save us hundreds.

 I recently acquired 2 playsuits which were sent to me by the girls at Designer Night  both of which retail for around the $500 dollar mark. To me this price tag is something I could never see myself spending as I have other areas of my life where I also need to focus my earnings (savings and bills) like most people. 

The playsuits I received cost only $80 each to hire which includes the cost of dry cleaning.

For me this is a very reasonable price to pay, and again if your like myself there is no point in paying full price for something that will get worn once or twice then find its way to the back of the wardrobe. 


This was my favourite playsuit – Zimmerman Silk Veil Essenence playsuit. It is so stunning! 


 This playsuit is different to what I usually go for but I loved it!  The colour and the print was incredible. This is a Camilla brand playsuit in the print “Xanadu”. 

 So if your looking for that something special whether it be for an upcoming birthday or a special date where you really want to stand out in a crowd and impress, I highly recommend hiring an amazing designer brand outfit and paying a fraction of the cost.

There are many designer hire websites now but I highly recommen checking out Designer Night as they were so lovely to deal with. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post! 

Much love xxx 

My favourite wardrobe staple! 

Hey hey! ☺️ 

Happy long weekend everyone! 🌟 


Today I’m going to talk about my favourite wardrobe staple,  black jeans.  You seriously can NEVER have too many pairs of black jeans and they go with everything. You can dress them up and dress them down. My favourite pair of black jeans at the moment are the Santiago Jean from Factorie.  They are the comfiest jeans ever, you can literally move around and do anything in these jeans. They are almost like jeggings but with better quality denim material.  They RRP $39.95 so extremely affordable, defiantly check them out! ☺️ 

Top – Cotton On

Jeans – Factorie

Heels – Billini 

Handbag – Sports girl 

Necklace- Lovisa 

T Shirt- Cotton On 

Jeans - Factorie

Boots – Cotton On 

Handbag – Rubi Shoes 

That’s just a couple ways I like to style my black jeans – but like I mentioned before they literally go with everything!  

I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you all a happy Easter 💖 

Until next time,

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Hey  beauties! 😘 

As you can see I’m obsessed with black haha I literally always need to be wearing it, it’s terrible 😂  but anyways … 

This is my outfit of the night for just casual drinks with a few girlfriends.  Everything I am wearing is extremely affordable! 

Skirt – Cotton on 

Top – Cotton on 

Shoes – Iconic 

Purse – Strand bags 

Necklace – Lovisa 

Here is a close up picture of my makeup, I went with a brown and gold smokey eye and warmed up the face with a lot of bronzer.  I highlighted the top of my check bones with my Chi Chi cosmetics bronze shimmer brick.. Seriously amazing highlighter and super affordable!! ❤️ 

Hope you enjoyed this post! ☺️

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Outfit of the day! (Ootd) 

Hey everyone!

This was yesterday’s outfit of the day! comfortable, stylish and extremely affordable!  I love creating outfits which won’t burn a hole in your pocket, so you will be seeing a lot of them on my blog!

My shoes are from Cotton on – Chavez gusset boot $39.95 (still available)

My skirt is from Boohoo- Abigail draped rouched mini skirt $20.00 (still available)


My singlet is from Supre – over a year ago so not sure the name, buts it’s just a basic wardrobe staple!

My jacket I brought second hand for $15!!! Such a bargain!

My bag is from Colette-  Rebecca metal edge clutch $24.95  (still available)


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