SugarBaby BEAUTY-TO-GO Cosmetic Palettes – Review 

Hey gorgeous people!  I am here today with an ultimate beauty win.  SugarBaby have recently launched some new beauty products and I am lucky enough to have tried two of their new palettes and I am in love!!  I used their Beautif-eye natural eyeshadow palette and Glow Getter contour & glow kit.  Both these palettesContinue reading “SugarBaby BEAUTY-TO-GO Cosmetic Palettes – Review “

My go to special occasion eye makeup 

Hi everyone!  I am back with another makeup post, today I will be writing about my go to special occasion eye makeup. This is the look I will always create when I am unsure what look to go for but I want to look glam.  It’s quick and also easy to do!  It’s a basicContinue reading “My go to special occasion eye makeup “

My Everyday 15 Makeup Routine – Spring Edition 

Hi everyone! Long time no talk, I have missed posting on here so much and as today is a public holiday here in Launceston I thought I would take advantage of it and write a well overdue blog post.  Today I am writing about my updated every day 15 minute makeup routine!  I personally don’tContinue reading “My Everyday 15 Makeup Routine – Spring Edition “

My Lip Injection Experience

Hello lovely people! After months and months of contemplating getting lip injections I finally put the phobia of needles aside, did some research and made it happen. Living in Launceston, Tasmania there are not many places you are able to go and get this treatment done so I was looking at going interstate until I foundContinue reading “My Lip Injection Experience”

Frank Body Original Introudction Bundle Review! 

Today is a public holiday in Launceston so I decided I would spend my Monday morning relaxing with Frank! I used their Original Introudction Bundle which includes: Original Coffee Scrub & the Body Balm.  The idea of this bundle is to scrub & then rub!    Original Coffee Scrub  Franks Orginal Coffee Scrub is aContinue reading “Frank Body Original Introudction Bundle Review! “