SugarBaby BEAUTY-TO-GO Cosmetic Palettes – Review 

Hey gorgeous people!  I am here today with an ultimate beauty win.  SugarBaby have recently launched some new beauty products and I am lucky enough to have tried two of their new palettes and I am in love!!  I used their Beautif-eye natural eyeshadow palette and Glow Getter contour & glow kit.  Both these palettesContinue reading “SugarBaby BEAUTY-TO-GO Cosmetic Palettes – Review “

My go to special occasion eye makeup 

Hi everyone!  I am back with another makeup post, today I will be writing about my go to special occasion eye makeup. This is the look I will always create when I am unsure what look to go for but I want to look glam.  It’s quick and also easy to do!  It’s a basicContinue reading “My go to special occasion eye makeup “

My Everyday 15 Makeup Routine – Spring Edition 

Hi everyone! Long time no talk, I have missed posting on here so much and as today is a public holiday here in Launceston I thought I would take advantage of it and write a well overdue blog post.  Today I am writing about my updated every day 15 minute makeup routine!  I personally don’tContinue reading “My Everyday 15 Makeup Routine – Spring Edition “

One of my European loves – Fiat 500X Pop

Working at a car dealership can be so rewarding but at the same time very dangerous… you have so many shiny new temptations around you!  By shiny new temptations yes I am talking about the cars.  I am a sucker for European cars, I think they look sophisticated and are superior to their competitors.  IContinue reading “One of my European loves – Fiat 500X Pop”