10 minute makeup routine for a busy lifestyle!

Mornings are not a good time for me, I am always rushing around trying to get organised before work and have little to no time to do my makeup…

I know I wouldn’t be the only one in this boat so I thought I would share with you my quick 10 minute makeup routine for all you busy ladies with little time to get ready!

All products used

My biggest tip to reduce the time you spend doing your makeup is to use versatile products, products that can be used for more than one thing.  Trust me it actually saves you a lot of time!

The number one product I recommend and the star of my 10 minute routine is Mineral Powder foundation, this saves you a lot of time as it covers, conceals and doesn’t need setting with any additional product.  I buff it into my moisturized skin and can achieve a natural – full coverage depending on how many layers I do. I normally tend to do one full layer and then a second layer on my checks and nose. When using mineral powder foundation a little goes a long!

I use Mineral X Factor powder foundation and it is an amazing product, it lasts all day without needing a touch up. This product is sold locally at Mint Relax Revive Salon in Launceston and is also sold online at  www.mineralxfactor.com.au

* If you have dark under eye circles I recommend adding a little concealer first and setting with a translucent powder*

Mineral X Factor – powder foundation

The Second product is a warm bronzer;  I used Too Faced Chocolate Soleil and warm up the perimeter of my face. I apply it on my forehead, temples, cheeks and jawline. Basically you draw a number 3 shape down your face. I also use my bronzer to define my eyes, I run the product through the crease and along the lower lash line. Bronzer is a very versatile product and remember versatile products save you time!

In my opinion every makeup routine should include blush, it adds colour back to your face and is very youthful.  I opt for a shimmery illuminating blush as it adds colour and also a natural sheen to your skin.  I use Bahama Mama from the Balm or Maybelline FitMe blush in “nude”.

I am obsessed with real glowy skin and can’t go a day without being smothered in highlighter!  So of course I need to include Mary-Loumanizer by TheBalm in my 10 minute makeup routine.  Also this product is versatile as it can be used as a brow bone highlight and to highlight the inner corner of your eyes.

As you are all aware eyebrows are all the rage right now, so if you aren’t lucky enough to have naturally full brows you may need to fill them in. I need to fill mine in everyday and I am currently using Chi Chi cosmetics Brow Pomade in “Dark” this product sets in place after it dries and wont move all day.

When choosing my mascara I opt for one which will curl my lashes as well as define and add volume! At the moment I am using Maybelline “Volume Express The Colossal Mascara” and I absolutely love it . You can also line your bottom waterline and make it look like you have applied eyeliner just by gently rubbing your mascara wand on your lash line when applying the mascara!

Lastly for the lips I use a tinted lip gloss. I am currently obsessing over NYX butter glosses!  My favourite shades are “Eclair” and “Madeline”  they smell so good and are perfect for a quick application.

And there you have it… All the products I use in my 10 minute makeup routine!

Look created

This is the final look, natural but still enough to make me look awake and ready to start the day!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading.

Much love,


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