Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette review! ☺️ 

Sooo….  I FINALLY got my hands on the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette!  I cannot contain my excitment! My amazing boyfriend surprised me and purchased it for me (I have a keeper hey?). 


The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette is very well known in the beauty world and if you haven’t heard of it… well you must be living under a rock haha.  What makes this product so popular I believe is the fact it smells like chocolate. The eye shadows are made with real cocoa powder. It is amazing and makes applying makeup even more enjoyable! 

 The palette has 16 very versatile and wearable colors, there are mattes, shimmers, glitters and satin finishes.You would easily be able to use this palette to create an every day subtle eye look, a dramatic clubbing look and anything in between.



The pigmentation is perfect, it’s not too pigmented that you cant work with it and its defiantly build-able making it easy to use for beginners. Most of the colors glide on like butter, they are so creamy and blend so easily!  Also I am impressed by the fact they have made the two highlight shades larger as they are used consistently for most, if not all looks and I know for myself they always hit pan first. Here is a quick look I created using the palette; 

 Base: White chocolate 

Crease: Salted caramel and milk chocolate

Outer V: Milk chocolate and gilded ganache

First third of lid: Marzipan 

Brow bone highlight: White chocolate 

Inner corner highlight: Champagne truffle

This eye shadow palette in my thoughts is pretty much a beauty staple and a must have in everyone’s collection. If you have been holding out on getting it, I wouldn’t wait any longer!  Defiantly equally my favorite eye shadow palette with my Lorac Pro Palette. 

 I hope you have enjoyed this post, don’t forget to head over to my Instagram for more posts and updates. 

 Much Love xxx

33 thoughts on “Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette review! ☺️ 

  1. gorgeous look you created! Love how shimmery it is. I have passed this up a few times, and now I’m kicking myself for it. Will probably cave soon 😉


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