My favourite wardrobe staple! 

Hey hey! ☺️ 

Happy long weekend everyone! 🌟 


Today I’m going to talk about my favourite wardrobe staple,  black jeans.  You seriously can NEVER have too many pairs of black jeans and they go with everything. You can dress them up and dress them down. My favourite pair of black jeans at the moment are the Santiago Jean from Factorie.  They are the comfiest jeans ever, you can literally move around and do anything in these jeans. They are almost like jeggings but with better quality denim material.  They RRP $39.95 so extremely affordable, defiantly check them out! ☺️ 

Top – Cotton On

Jeans – Factorie

Heels – Billini 

Handbag – Sports girl 

Necklace- Lovisa 

T Shirt- Cotton On 

Jeans - Factorie

Boots – Cotton On 

Handbag – Rubi Shoes 

That’s just a couple ways I like to style my black jeans – but like I mentioned before they literally go with everything!  

I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you all a happy Easter 💖 

Until next time,

One Girls Obsessions

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